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                Bio-chemical/Mould Incubator Controller


                ?Indicators Definition:

                1.【MAIN】:The symbol lights in normal mode, and lights off in setting mode.

                2.【SET】:The symbol lights in setting mode, and lights off in normal mode.

                3.【RUN】:The symbol lights in running mode, and lights off while timing over.

                4.【STOP】:The symbol lights after timing over, while lights off in running mode.

                5.【ALM】:Its lighting means over-temperature alarm, and its flicker means low-temperature warning.

                6.【HEAT】:The symbol lights when heater is working.

                7.【COOL】:Its lighting means compressor is working , and its flicker means refrigeration delay.

                8.【OUT1The symbol lights when lamp is turned on.

                9.【OUT2The symbol lights when defrosting solenoid valve is turned on.


                1).When the controller is power on, the upper part of window displays controller type and the lower part displays version for 3 seconds, after that, the controller enter into normal mode.

                2).Inquiry and setting of temperature and time

                Press the “SET” button to enter temperature setting state,then the window displays “SP” and temperature setting value (the rightmost bit value flickering), you can change the value by three buttons (including shifting, increasing and decreasing), after that, press “SET” button one more time to exit, the setting values will be saved automatically. If you want to set a running time for the instrument,you can click on the “SET” button immediately after temperature setting,.this time the window will display “ST”and time setting value(with the same flickering bit).then you can set the target operating time in the same way,.

                When the operating time is set to "0", there is no timing function, the instrument will keep on working until it is power off,;to the contrary,when the set time is not "0", the right window shows running time or temperature setting value ,once the temperature reaches the set value, the timer starts to work.

                When the set time is over, right window displays "END", the buzzer beeps for a minute, by a long pressing on the "decreasing" button for 3 seconds ,you can restart the operation.

                3). Temperature abnormal alarm

                If the upper part of the window displays "----", and the buzzer beeps continuously, said temperature sensor or the controller itself fails, please carefully check the temperature sensor and wiring.

                4).Screen lock

                In normal mode, the screen will be locked automatically in some time (parameter-1, Lct) without any keystroke, or users can press on the increase key for 2 seconds to lock the screen, and click on this key to unlock screen;

                5).Users can press on any button to stop the buzzer.

                4. Inquiry and setting of parameters

                In normal mode, Press the "Set" button for 3 seconds, controller will display the password prompt "Lc". Adjust the password to 3, then press the "Set" button again, here you come to the internal parameter setting state. You can shift the different parameters by click on the set button and change the value of the parameters,after that press the "Set" button for another 3 seconds, it will return to the running state.,the new value will be saved automatically.

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